"I have benefitted so greatly from Joelle’s coaching, both personally and professionally. Her ELI assessment and tools helped me understand my thought patterns, and how I could overcome obstacles that had been holding me back for a long time. This assessment addresses our whole self and has been a huge game changer. Her technique really digs in deep into what our motivators are and how we can move past limiting beliefs. It’s helped me so greatly as a mom and as an employee. I wish everyone could have this opportunity!" ~ Hanan H.

“I’ve spent many years looking for the right answers, the right routines, and building a structure around me to help me navigate the cycle of life. What I’ve come to realize is that while having answers doesn’t hurt and having a routine can provide a forecast, the ultimate key to mindfulness and consciousness is learning to slow down, take a step back and fine-tune your value system. We live in a busy world and we have more information than ever coming at us in different directions.  As a result, I found myself stuck in search for peace, the relief from anxiety and I despised vulnerability . Joelle’s coaching style helped me take a step back and evaluate what’s really important to me, not for the world or my career but for me.  In discovery, my heart and mind began to shift as I tuned into the fundamentals that I’ve always carried with me but forgot about somewhere along the way - simplicity, inner strength, love, patience. Today, I am able to unapologetically and fearlessly focus on these core fundamentals that truly make me happy. If in any given moment my words, thoughts or actions do not support my fundamental values, I take a step back to acknowledge my feelings without judgment and without cost and I follow with the action that supports my values - if action is needed.

With guidance from Joelle and her ability to hear the words not spoken and ask the right questions I have more confidence to live more openly and experience the goodness of consciousness. Joelle is extremely warm-hearted and her emotional intelligence helps guide the path of self-discovery. I am forever grateful to now call her my friend and life coach. ” ~ De’Lisa S.


"Prior to working with Joelle, I was in a state of self-doubt, confusion & anxiety. I had just lost my job for the first time. The job market was tough and my job search/financial support was not forthcoming. During my usual job search, I reached out to a mentor who referred & connected me with Joelle, and that, honestly, was the beginning of a life-changing experience for me.

Joelle is a professional with comprehensive knowledge of conscious leadership & has a talent in fostering positive evolution. I was comfortable working with her as she is very easy to work with and reiterates to establish clarity of thought and action. During the sessions, I had with Joelle, she worked with me to achieve my goals through self-exploration, while attaining higher levels of consciousness. I learned how to curb my over-thinking tendencies by making more intuitive "Heart" decisions. My self-perception transcended to focus on what really matters. My confidence peaked, and I developed a more positive & simplistic outlook on life.  

I dig my new job {which I landed while working with Joelle}, and I have grown mentally, spiritually & professionally. Joelle's consciousness coaching encourages me to get out and dare to manifest my dreams with unequivocal optimism. I am sincerely grateful to Joelle for sharing her gift and I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking light-bulb moments, self-discovery & personal growth." ~ Tunde E.


"Before I started working with Joelle, I was living my life in an almost constant negative state of mind. Although I am grateful for my college education, I do not feel as though it adequately prepared me for the job market in the real world. As such, my early years in the workforce were met with a great deal of doubt, confusion, and frustration. Joelle initially helped me tackle some of the misconceptions I had about careers. More importantly, she empowered me to create a more ideal life for myself. She helped me realize that I was becoming so caught up in what I should do in life, I lost sight of what I truly wanted to do. Joelle's approach uses a variety of techniques that involve tapping into one's inner self to discover the best parts of who they are. She gave me the tools to combat my negative state of mind and take pride in the person I am. Thanks to her guidance, I feel like I can finally begin to move forward in my life. I now have a job that I truly enjoy and am living day-to-day in a more positive mindset. While there is never a set timeline for success, I'm grateful for Joelle's help in helping me lay the stepping stones toward it." January R.


“I recently used Joelle’s services to help enhance and enrich my life.  Even though I’m already deeply blessed with a wonderful career, home and life, I wanted to get rid of some of the rough edges.  But as a financial advisor and overall frugal person, I wondered about the monetary commitment to this process and about the real value that I would get from this process.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Taking the ELI assessment and reviewing it with Joelle was invaluable.  The assessment was right on and nailed exactly my issues/problems.  I had been stuck in some old behaviors that were hampering my happiness/success and with just a few sessions with Joelle I was able to come up with concrete steps to make easy changes.   Joelle’s program has already helped me make a huge shift in my thinking and thus in the results I’m getting in my life.  I’m very grateful and completely endorse Joelle and the program.” ~ Debbie H.

“Joelle has an unparalleled passion for coaching, creating a gift of self-exploration not to be missed!  Her positivity and incredibly kind nature enable even our hardest lessons to be heard, so that growth can occur. The unique style of her coaching focuses on the leader inside all of us.  How we are leaders in our life in more ways than we recognize or utilize. And most importantly how we function under stress revealing the weak links that hold us back.
I greatly admire her commitment to being such a generous advocate of personal growth, and I very am grateful for the light she has revealed in my journey.” ~ Pilar D.

“For the past 11 years at my employee review, I was told that I needed to have more confidence.  My team members, bosses, and pretty much anyone around me, had more confidence in my abilities than I did.  Even hearing that year after year, from colleagues I knew well and trusted, I still somehow doubted myself.  This lack of confidence did not hold me back from being promoted, but did hold me back from enjoying the promotion.  Worrying that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my new role, as well as everyone thought.  This is why my boss suggested I start working with Joelle.  I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to improve themselves.  It’s amazing how freeing the experience has been.  Joelle is a great listener.  When I describe my feelings and situations to her, she has an incredible ability to identify what I am REALLY saying, not just what I think I am saying.  I see myself as an introspective and analytical person.  However, within our first two sessions, Joelle helped me identify something that has been subconsciously plaguing me for more than 20 years.  I honestly didn’t even know there was a “problem”.  I had convinced myself it was just part of my personality, who I was, and who I would be, forever.  And once we started talking about it, it effectively disappeared and I was released to pursue life, with a new outlook and nothing holding me back.  She was able to take the conceptual and put it into specific terms which could be measured.  It helped me think in terms of tasks and not feeling overwhelmed with the changes taking place.   Joelle holds you accountable on following through, which ultimately helps you achieve your goals.  My experience with Joelle has been life changing.  I have a new found confidence.  This confidence has helped me personally and professionally.  My anxiety has diminished and my self-awareness has increased dramatically.  I am not afraid of anything anymore.  I feel like a new person.  I feel as if I can conquer the world, and even if I cannot, I will not be disappointed. "-~ Michelle D. 

“We often do not understand the assistance required to become a great Manager and Person until we bond with a Coach. Joelle’s skill was firstly to gain my trust, enabling me to be completely open and come to terms with the development that I would realize for myself, growing into my new senior position. From unraveling and taking stock of the quality skills I have to understanding the dynamic skills to gain a greater positive energy from others that I work and connect with.

Although I have a positive approach of communicating and influencing others, I was not fully aware of the dynamics and if indeed my communication style would lead to the best solution for me or with the team/individual I was working with. Joelle was able to clearly and understandably lay out a communication style that not only benefited myself to flow downstream, but my team also benefited by my Anabolic Leadership style.

If you are truly dedicated to becoming a Champion of Change in the Workplace or in the World, I strongly suggest a conversation with a truly inspirational Coach… Joelle Jackson” ~ Ross B. 

“Joelle is a wonderful person on all levels. In working with her, I discovered that she has an impressive background and a wealth of knowledge that helps her excel in her practice. She is a great coach. She knows how to push you to improve yourself on both the personal and professional levels. She has helped me improve my life in general, by being more present, positive and happy.  Her powerful approach and positive attitude let you feel at ease in communicating with her. She loves what she does and is passionate about her work. I highly recommend her to people who are seeking to learn, grow and improve themselves.” ~ Cynthia A. 

“Joelle was an insightful and positive coach.  She has an astute knowledge of what it takes to be an authentic leader in today’s business world.” ~ Barbara D.

“Joelle is the consummate professional, and more importantly she is a wonderful person. She excels at helping you discover your own internal roadblocks and then devise a plan to overcome and unlock new levels of productivity, energy, effectiveness or whatever goal you set for yourself. I highly recommend her for individuals that believe in continuous learning and self-improvement.” ~ John L. – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Family Business Owner